Aeronautic Supply Chain


NHE Aero & Global Solution is an aeronautical purchasing center that offers French and foreign military and civilian customers its participation in
maintaining their aircraft in operational condition.

  • Supply of equipment, consumables and tools,
  • Repair management.
  • Sourcing obsolete components and equipment or repair management.

NHE Aero & Global Solution is supplied and exported worldwide. For more than 10 years our Company has forged links with its suppliers to find the
best parts at the best price.

Certified ISO 9001 and 9120, we ensure the traceability of all our parts and equipment. Most of the sales people come from PART 145
maintenance shops and the entire team is regularly trained in aeronautical procedures. Our quality manual evolves regularly in order to
always satisfy our customers.

To trust NHE Aero & Global Solution is to be sure to receive compliant orders as soon as possible.

Stock for Sale

NHE AERO also offers inventories of spare parts for airplanes and helicopters at the request of our customers from their surpluses.

These spares are supplied with the releasing certificates recognized in the civil and military aeronautical world, in order to ensure you the best traceability. NHE is not a broker but a buying and selling center for equipment that is defined in accordance with the applicable aeronautical rules (EASA / FAA).

Is available on our site a listing of parts for sale currently.

If you have a surplus of stock for which you want a return on investment, do not hesitate to contact us at the following address:

Download the stock file