Spare Parts - For Sale / Standard Exchange


NHE Aero & Global Solution offers equipment for sale on OUTRIGHT condition or in standard exchange (flat rate, core charged... with standard exchange agreement) in respect of the deadlines and conditions defined by its customers.

Below, the different conditions offered:

  • Factory New: FN - Factory new with an OEM Cert or EASA / FAA FORM 1.
  • New: New product with its original release certificate stored recently by authorized distributors.
  • New surplus: NS - New part, never-used certified, the date of manufacture may be older.
  • Serviceable: SV - Second-hand Repaired or tested part already used, usable certified by an approved organization.
  • Overhaul: OH - Condition of a fully revised second-hand part, delivered with an EASA/FAA FORM 1 from an authorized repair workshop.
  • Repaired: RP - Second-hand parts repaired, delivered with an EASA and/or FAA FORM 1 from an authorized repair workshop.

Main reference organizations:

  • FAA: Federal Aviation Administration
  • EASA: European Aviation Safety Agency
  • TCCA: Transport Canadian Civil Aviation
  • EN 9120: Aeronautical agreement
  • ISO 9001 version 2008 "Quality Management System"

NHE Aero & Global Solution carries out a verification of each product before delivery to the customer in the respect of its internal certified processes and preserves all traceability. Particular attention is paid to packing. The aim is to guarantee customer satisfaction.

NHE Aero & Global Solution uses a transport network adapted to volume needs (Calberson / DHL), express delivery (UPS / FEDEX) and AOG (Taxi Colis).
Shipment is provided 7/7 for any destination.