Aeronautic Supply Chain


HE-AERO is an aeronautical purchasing center that offers French and foreign military and civilian customers its participation in
maintaining their aircraft in operational condition.

  • Supply of equipment, consumables and tools,
  • Repair management.
  • Sourcing obsolete components and equipment or repair management.

NHE-AERO is supplied and exported worldwide. For more than 10 years our Company has forged links with its suppliers to find the
best parts at the best price.

Certified ISO 9001 and 9120, we ensure the traceability of all our parts and equipment. Most of the sales people come from PART 145
maintenance shops and the entire team is regularly trained in aeronautical procedures. Our quality manual evolves regularly in order to
always satisfy our customers.

To trust NHE-AERO is to be sure to receive compliant orders as soon as possible.

Aeronautical SUPPLY CHAIN

Since its creation in july 2009, NHE AERO offers as a purchasing group for French and foreign civil or military actors, its participation in support in service (SIS) their aircraft by supplying :

  • Essential equipments and tools;
  • Repair management;
  • documentary support with airworthiness follow up;
  • Sourcing and repair of components and obsolete equipments.

Thanks to our acquired experience within the commercial and logistic teams of maintenance center (PART 145); we can offer our service, as a specialized purchasing office, capable of expanding and accelerating the reactivity of the panel world Aeronautical suppliers.

NHE AERO has been ISO certified 9001/2008 since June 2012, and EN/AS 9120 since 2016. A project of representation as distributor of several manufacturers is ongoing.
NHE AERO supplies new and revised parts according to the EASA and FAA requirements, at least COC Manufacturer.


NHE AERO a développé son activité grâce à un réseau très spécifique d’approvisionnement pour les aeronefs listés ci-dessous

Avions civils

  • AIRBUS A319/A320/A330
  • ATR 42/72
  • BEECH Series
  • BOEING 737 Series
  • BOEING 747 Series
  • CAP 10
  • Cessna Series
  • DHC-6
  • DHC-8
  • DASH 8
  • Jodel
  • Piper Series
  • Q400, Rallye.

Hélicoptères militaires

  • AIRBUS SA316, SA319, AS350-AS355, AS555, AS565, SA 341, SA342, SA330, AS332, AS532, LYNX

Avions militaires

  • AIRBUS A300
  • ATR 72
  • CASA 212/235N
  • C130, 160
  • FALCON 20/50

Hélicoptéres civils

  • AIRBUS AS350, AS365, EC135, EC145, EC155, AW 109, AW 139, BELL 412