Aeronautic Supply Chain


NHE Aero & Global Solution is an aeronautical purchasing center that offers French and foreign military and civilian customers its participation in
maintaining their aircraft in operational condition.

  • Supply of equipment, consumables and tools,
  • Repair management.
  • Sourcing obsolete components and equipment or repair management.

NHE Aero & Global Solution is supplied and exported worldwide. For more than 10 years our Company has forged links with its suppliers to find the
best parts at the best price.

Certified ISO 9001 and 9120, we ensure the traceability of all our parts and equipment. Most of the sales people come from PART 145
maintenance shops and the entire team is regularly trained in aeronautical procedures. Our quality manual evolves regularly in order to
always satisfy our customers.

To trust NHE Aero & Global Solution is to be sure to receive compliant orders as soon as possible.

Central purchasing company for Aeronautics

Ncage: FAWV7

Presentation & key figures

Our experience within commercial and logistic department of PART 145 maintenance workshops allows us to offer a expertise service as specialized central purchasing company, being able to improve and stimulate the worldwide reactivity of the Aeronautic preferred suppliers. NHE Aero & Global Solution is certified ISO 9001/2008 since June 2012 and AFNOR EN9120 Aeronautics since June 2016. NHE Aero & Global Solution supplies new parts or revised parts according to the EASA & FAA standards. Every equipment is delivered with an EASA release certificate, FAA Form and/or manufacturers certificates of compliance.

NHE Aero & Global Solution is trusted by clients as Thales Thales Système Aéroportés, Thales Advanced Solution, the SIMMAD, AIRBUS Helicopter, the French DGA, AIA, SIAé, the Belgium and Portuguese armies, the Ameris group, Secamic, INEO and many more French and foreign airlines and maintenance workshops.

Feature 1: NSN Codes

NHE Aero & Global Solution masters these codes and is a subscriber to the French CIMD. In the context of military equipments, NHE Aero & Global Solution uses these codes and systematically refers to it to guarantee the delivery of the appropriate references. It is a referential included in our sale and purchase process. Each part is delivered with its NSN sheet, indicating the interchangeability if necessary. The other release documents are provided too. NHE Aero & Global Solution can also generate new NSN if needed.

Feature 2: Compliance with military aircraft airworthiness requirements

NHE Aero & Global Solution manages military and civilian airworthiness requirements. NHE Aero & Global Solution complies in particular with FRA 145 (equivalent to the PART 145). All our personnel is trained to these standards fo both military and civilian aircrafts. The awareness to traceability and release documents for airworthiness are requirements depicted in our internal processes, which are audited
each year, sometimes by our clients (Certificate of Compliance, EASA Form, FAA Form required).

Feature 3: Physical stock management

(a) Physical stock management

We comply with required stocking standards, including for shelf-life products and/or those needing specific attention (heat, humidity, light). These goods are subject to a follow-up depicted in our quality process, as well as with regard to the standards required by the manufacturer. Physical inventories are carried out in a rotating inventory process, running all year long, with two complete inventories in June and December. Expired or unusable products are discarded following our internal process with a discard statement. We comply with environmental standards to discard those products. Each product's original release documents remain with the product they refer to, so as to ensure a proper traceability and to facilitate the removal management (for the French: délotissement). Parts receipts/removals are generated by our logistics software with source and recipient traceability (Warehouse receipt order paired with the supplier order and customer receipt note paired with his order)

(b) Delivery of spare parts to beneficiaries

Deliveries are carried out every day, from Monday to Friday, with several carriers, depending on the order's urgency and volume and the specificities of products said "dangerous".
NHE Aero & Global Solution complies with the ATA300 and the IATA standard for packing and packaging, indicating on the package the market number, the NSN and the quantity delivered. NHE Aero & Global Solution operates with a transport network adapted to volume conditions (SDV/Calberson/DHL), urgency (UPS/FEDEX/TNT/DHL/GEODIS) and AOG (Taxis Colis). Shipments are carried out every working day to any national or international delivery.
(c) Obsolescence technical or logistical treatment & management

NHE Aero & Global Solution handles obsolescences with its associated company OBsam, offering either a worldwide sourcing solution, or equivalent parts with certificate of interchangeability, approved by the aircraft manufacturer or recertification by an organisation approved by the equipment manufacturer. If no solution is to be found, the user or NHE Aero & Global Solution will then have to approve a change and to have it approved by the manufacturer. Thus a new part will be suggested.

Feature 5: Technical means

NHE Aero & Global Solution is located in a Business Center, easy to access for communication and logistics. The site is secure (portal, camera, alarm system). NHE Aero & Global Solution's surface is adapted to its current needs and ready to be extended (1,000 m²), for logistical needs. The premises are adjacent and provide a complete synergy between administrative requirements and freight logistics.
To date, NHE Aero & Global Solution's existing logistical means are sufficient.


NHE AERO has developed its activity thanks to a very specific supply network for the aircrafts

Civil planes

  • AIRBUS A319/A320/A330
  • ATR 42/72
  • BEECH Series
  • BOEING 737 Series
  • BOEING 747 Series
  • CAP 10
  • Cessna Series
  • DHC-6
  • DHC-8
  • DASH 8
  • Jodel
  • Piper Series
  • Q400, Rallye.

Military helicopters

  • AIRBUS SA316, SA319, AS350-AS355, AS555, AS565, SA 341, SA342, SA330, AS332, AS532, LYNX

Military planes

  • AIRBUS A300
  • ATR 72
  • CASA 212/235N
  • C130, 160
  • FALCON 20/50

Civil helicopters

  • AIRBUS AS350, AS365, EC135, EC145, EC155, AW 109, AW 139, BELL 412