NHE AERO proposes to the aeronautics actors (civil or military) its participation in the SIS (Support In Service) of their aircraft by providing the essential equipment , the management of the repair for the high value spare parts. More of, we can deliver all the tools and equipment which are necessary to ensure the best availability !!

NHE AERO has set up a quality management system ensuring a secure supply of aeronautical parts to a selected network of suppliers in order to ensure optimum service to its customers in terms of time and rates.

Our EN / AS 9120 and ISO 9001 agreements are the demonstration of our ambition to satisfy our customers.

We are committed to continuously improve the quality, performance and transparency of our services by focusing on listening to all our customers.

Nathalie BARAT

Nos certifications EN/AS 9120 et ISO 9001 sont la démonstration de notre ambition de satisfaire au mieux nos clients.

Nous nous engageons à améliorer en permanence la qualité, la performance et la transparence de nos prestations en privilégiant l'écoute de tous nos clients.